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*Feeding Condition:
Classes of to-be crushed materials (such as lime stone, granite, basalt, etc.)
Strength of to-be-crushed materials (compression strength)
Hardness of the to-be-crushed materials (Moh’s hardness generally)
Water content of the to-be-crushed materials (required to be ≤2% and no more than 5% maximally)
Silt content of the to-be-crushed materials required to be ≤1% and no more than 2% maximally
(Note: if the water content and the silt content exceed the limits, a special treatment method will be adopted.)
The maximum side length of the to-be-crushed materials
Feeding mode of users (refers to specifications of used loaders and dump trucks.)

*Expected Product Condition:
Total output (generally taking the tonnage of materials crushed per hour as a standard)
(Note: if the annual output is taken as a standard, the number of working days per year and working hours per day are required so as to determine job per hour. )
Requirement on product classification (Specifications: 0-5mm, 5-15mm, 15-25mm, 25-40mm, etc. and square-mesh screen or circular-mesh screen)
Requirement on product grains (namely allowable percentage of needle-like and platy substances in products)
(Note: if the length of the granules is 2.4 times greater than the mean grain size of the granulometric class to which the grains belong, the grains are called needle-like grains, and if the thickness of the grains is 0.4 times smaller than the mean grain size, the grains are called platy grains.)
Other requirements
(for example, a requirement whether the crushed materials on the vibrating screen are needed to be washed with water.)

*Production Line Field Condition (Topography):
Current natural drop height between feeding ground elevation and equipment mounting ground elevation
Shape and approximate peripheral length of the equipment mounting ground elevation
Transportation means of products and stockground position
Product storage mode (refers to stocking on the ground or establishing a bin for storage)
Required storage capacities of various specifications of products on the stockground
Other field (topography) conditions
(refer to conditions not involved in the above condition information)

*Other Items:
Power supply form
Environmental protection requirement
Other special requirements
(refer to the requirements not involved in the above condition information)
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