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The operation rules of the milling machine

Writer:Deya LiuSource:Original article Number of visits: Date:2014-09-17
Before starting the mill, maintenance doors should be checked to ensure that they are closed tightly, checking the gap between jaw plates of the crusher match the particle size of the feeding material, adjusting speed of the classifier, to fit the finished product size requirements.
Turning on the machine according to the sequence: 1 Turn on the bucket elevator; 2 Turn on the jaw crusher; 3 Turn on the classifier after the hopper is fed with materials; 4 Turn on the blower (Starting in empty load rotation and loading when the blower runs normally); 5 Turn on the main frame, and the moment to turn on the electromagnetic vibrating feeding machine. At this time the mill begins to work.
The sequence of operation suggestions as follows: elevator→crusher→classifier→blower→main frame→feeder.
Turning off the machine in the following sequence:
1 turn off the feeder and stop feeding;
2 turn off the main frame in one minute;
3 turn off the blower after blowing off all the residual particles;
4 turn off the classifier finally. 
So the turning off sequence: feeder→main frame→blower→ classifier.
Note: The material is transported to the hopper by an elevator. When the material reach a certain quantity, stop the crusher first and then the elevator. This operation should depend on the quantity of the shored material.
5 Milling machine in normal operation isn’t allowed to refuel, to ensure production safety grinding machine in any part of the occurrence of abnormal noises, or load suddenly increases should immediately stop to check, troubleshooting, to avoid the occurrence of major accidents. Continue the start time of material in the not too much, otherwise when starting current is too large, affecting the start.
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