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Advantages and Features
The machine adopts high speed rotary turnplate throwing the materials all rounds from the middle and utilizes its centrifugal force impacting the surrounding impact plates, thus crushing the stone by stone or iron. The crushing harmer is equipped wit h alloy blade, greatly extending the use time.
The machine is through optimized design and manufacturing after absorbing the advanced domestic and foreign technology. Besides, it adopts thin oil lubricating and hydraulic uncovering technology, featuring stable and reliable working, convenient maintenance and high crushing efficiency. It is especially suitable for machine-manufactured and production and stone reshaping. The crushed finished grain is cubic and the flat and elongated shape content is quite low. It can be expansively applied for crushing various rocks, pebbles and non-minerals.
Structural Diagram

Technical Parameters
Model Max. Feeding
Propeller Revolution
Treatment Quantity
Overall Dimensions
PCL-600B 26 45-90 2000/2600 8-50 3500×1500×2050
PCL-900 30 90-150 1300/1700 55-120 3600×2140×2620
PCL-900B 40 110-180 1000/1450 60-150 3600×2140×2620
PCL-1250 50 220-360 950/1200 100-300 4520×2640×3100
PCL-1350 60 320-440 800/1200 160-360 5500×2785×3030

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