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Advantages and Features
   In the same condition of finished particles size and the powder of electromotor,the output is 40% high than airflow mill and whish mill.
2、High-using rate
   In the same condition of material and finished particles size, the use of abrasion is long than impact crusher and turbine crusher. Commonly about one year.
3. High dependability
   Because it hasn't axletree and bolt in the antrum, so it can't become flexible.
4. The product thin degree is high.
   The thin degree can achieve d97<5 um
5. Environment it will lighten pollute and noise form using dust catcher and muffler, achieve our country require and protecting ambiance.
Structural Diagram

Technical Parameters
Itam SCM6015 SCM8021 SCM11027
Roller (Num) 15 21 27
Diameter (mm) 600 800 1000
Ring (Num) 1 1 1
Main speed (r/min) 235 235 235
Fed size (mm) <10 <10 <10
Output (mesh) 325-2500 325-2500 325-2500
Output (kg/h) 350-2500 600-4000 900-6000
Outside dimension(m) 10*2*5.5 12.4*2.5*5.8 14.5*3.8*6.3

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