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Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd
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We insist on the conception of human-based and esteem our staff as the most valuable wealth of our company, we will forge our high class brand on the basis of creating the most excellent personnel.Our company has opened up a colorful arena of literary style such as study room video lecture etc to enrich the knowledge structure of our staff  and cultivate their comprehensive quality,we will consolidate their professional knowledge and business level through the style of simulating negotiation,brain storm and others. Their talent and skill will be displayed  and their cultural life will be enriched on the fellowship and variety show. Additionally , we also will organize  competitive sports game to exercise our staff’s physique much more stronger and to reinforce their cooperation awareness ,except for these, their team working spirit and will will be bringed up by the activity of tourism,quality extending and others. At last accompanying with the actively opening up of literacy and sport activity Jianye people throw themselves into business with full of enthusiasm, and show jianye people’s team style and features.
Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd
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